How to Take Screenshots on Windows

How to Take Screenshots on Windows

90% of people know how to take screenshots on their phones. But what about using windows? Though, it is not the hardest thing to do, how to take screenshots on windows is not always apparent or obvious. Given how screenshots can be important for work or showing your friends, taking a screenshot on windows is something everyone should know how to do. Just so you know, using Windows PC or laptop, they are many ways you can take a screenshot on the Keyboard. Follow this article to the very end to know ways you can easily take a screenshot on windows.

How to Take Screenshots on Windows

There are different options to take a screenshot on your PC. You can choose to use third-party tools or do it manually. One of the most effective tools to take a screenshot is by using Snipping Tool. This is one of the most productive ways to take a screenshot. Also, you can use the Hit the Prt Sc Button/or Print Scrn button, this will capture the entire PC screen. But there are several capture methods to take screenshots on Windows.

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How to Take Screenshots on Windows

Whether you want to save the entire page or just a piece on a windows computer, we have rounded the best and easiest ways to take screenshots on windows.

The Print Screen button (PrtScn)

Pressing the Print Screen (PrtScn) button on your keyboard is the easiest way to take screenshots on your Windows 11 or windows 10. It helps to capture everything showing on the entire screen. Although this key just sends the image to the clipboard and does not helps store the image automatically, you can save the image using other programs. To save the file, just paste the screenshot into programs that enable you to insert images like Microsoft paint or word. Note; you can easily see the clipboard to show your screenshot by simply pressing the Windows key +V

Alt + Print Screen

To help screenshot the active window you are working on, press Alt+ PrtScn. Again, this screenshot will be copied to your clipboard, you will have to insert it into another program like Microsoft word or paint to save it.

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Win + Print Screen

This method will help capture the entire screen you are working on, just as a print screen. However, this time the screenshot is saved by default and moved to C: UsersPrictures>Screenshots.

The Snip & Sketch tool on Windows 10

Windows Snip& Sketch is another best way to screenshot if you are looking to customize, edit and share the captures. To Activate Snip & Sketch on windows 10, use the keyboard shortcut Windows+ Shift +. Your screen brightness will go down and a mini menu will show at the top of your screen. This will give you the option to take a full-screen, rectangular, free-form, or window capture.  After the screenshot, the image will be saved to your clipboard. And a preview notification will show in your screen’s bottom right corner. Tap on the preview notification to open the Snip & Sketch app and Ctrl s to save. You can also edit the screenshot with the drawing tools available

Snipping tool in Windows 11

Although the snipping tool is available on Windows 10, it is not a tool you will want to use. On Windows 11, the snipping tool has a major upgrade and it is now the best tool to take screenshots. To start the screenshot, you can either search for it or tap the Windows Key + Shift + S. Just like the Snip& Sketch, your screen brightness will go dim and the toolbar of options will show at the top of your screen. 

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This toolbar will allow you to take full windows, full screen, freeform or rectangular capture. Once the screenshot is taken, it will be copied to the clipboard so you can share it immediately and it will be saved to the screenshots folder. In addition, if you click the preview that appears in the bottom right corner, you will be able to edit and save it.

The Game bars

The game bar is an overlay you can make use of within most windows games and apps to record videos and take screenshots. Here is how you can launch and use it;

  • On your windows, press Windows Key +G
  • CLICK THE “Capture” button, in the overlay menu – the camera icon in the top menu to see the Capture option.
  • Click on the camera icon to take the screenshot. Also, you can record a video clip by clicking the record button. You can include the audio option by clicking the microphone icon.
  • Video clips and screenshots taken by the Game bar are saved in MP4 and PNG format. And you can see them in the videos> Captures folder in File Explorer.
  • Also, you can see them through the Game’s bar gallery, by pressing show my captures> see my captures under the recording and screenshot buttons in the Capture menu.

If you cannot open the Game bar, make sure it is enabled. And to do that, tap the Window Key+ 1 to open the settings app and navigate to the “Gaming>Xbox Game bar. After that, turn on the toggle to enable Game Bar for “chatting with friends, recording games, and receiving game invites.”

You can also save screenshots on Windows 10 using a Microsoft Surface device, and pressing the Power button + Volume button. Your screen brightness will go dim, and your image will be saved to the Pictures >Screenshot folder.  Also, you can use third-party screenshot tools if you don’t like the built-in methods. You can download apps like Greenshot, ScreenRae, Lightshot, Snagit or screencast-O-Matic.


What are 3 ways to take a screenshot on a PC?

There are several ways one can use to take a screenshot on a PC, here are the following method which is even more than 3

  • Scribe Tool
  • The Game bars
  • Snipping tool in Windows 11
  • Alt + Print Screen
  • The Print Screen button (PrtScn)
  • Win + Print Screen
  • The Snip & Sketch tool on Windows 10
  • The Print Screen button (PrtScn)

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